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My mini-bio (English)

KanQian-Recent PhotoLast updated: Oct 2017

I am Senior Lecturer in Modern Languages and Head of Chinese in the School of  Languages and Applied Linguistics at The Open University (UK) http://www.open.ac.uk/people/qk8

I am Senior Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (UK).

Before joining OU, I was Senior Language Teaching officer in the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Cambridge. Prior to that, I lectured in Chinese Studies at Lancaster University. Between 1992 and 1993, I worked for the BBC World Service as translator and presenter.

I am also Director of Studies in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Christ’s College, University of Cambridge http://www.christs.cam.ac.uk/admissions/asian-middle-eastern-studies

Since 2011, I have been appointed visiting Professor of Language Studies, Xi’an University of Posts and Communications, China.

My main research interest is technology-enhanced language learning at a distance, mainly the use of education technology in assisting the learning of Chinese language, the use of reflective forums for intercultural learning, etandem learning, peer support and mobile language learning.