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Last updated Oct 2017

MOVE-ME: MOOCs for University Students on the Move in Europe

This is an EU Funded 2-year Erasmus+ Project (total grant: €296,831) with six partner institutions. Università per Stranieri di Siena (Italy) leads the project. The other 5 partners are: The Open Unviersity (UK), Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti Centro di iniziativa per l’Europa (Italy); National University of Ireland, Galway (Ireland), Computer Technology Institute & Press Diophantus (Greece) and Nstitutul De S tiinte Ale Educatiei (Romamia).

The main objective of the project is to facilitate the integration of students in academic mobility enhancing their ability to function in academic and specialized contexts and developing their ability of learning to learn. The MOVE-ME project will create a learning path specifically designed for students in mobility programmes, supporting learners in the acquisition of the competences and skills necessary for understanding academic texts, written and oral, relating to specific disciplines, developing the ability to understand and produce academic writing of various genres.

The MOVE-ME project has created two MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) courses on the FutureLearn platform in both English and Italian. Each MOOC consists of 6 modules, focused on communication and academic skills as well as language structures. The Open University team was one of the main designers of the English MOOC, entitled ‘English for Academic Purposes: a MOVE-ME Project Course, which has had two runs:



In particular the project aims to:

  • Increase students’ awareness of the language learning process and knowing how to use effective learning strategies;
  • Increase students’ understanding of written and oral expository texts relating to academic disciplines;
  • Improve the quality of oral and written expository texts produced by students and relating to academic disciplines;
  • Improve students’ performance at oral and written exams in L2;
  • Support students in learning to learn;
  • Provide guidelines and a syllabus for the creation of MOOCs for languages for academic purposes;
  • Provide specific guidelines for the evaluation of language MOOCs;
  • Create OERs which support autonomous and independent learning; and
  • Develop a website hosting all OERs created during the project.

For details of MOVE-ME project, visit: : www.movemeproject.eu

In October 2016, in association with The School of Languages and Applied Linguistics of The Open University,  the International Conference on MOOCs, Informal Language Learning, and Mobility was successfully held at The Open University in Milton Keynes. The keynote sessions of the conference were live streamed and recorded. To watch the recordings, click here for Day 1; and here for Day 2.

You can also view all the presentations here

 2.  Investigating into strategies used when learning Chinese characters with mobile apps

Previous research has established some common strategies used when learning characters with pen-and-paper. The current study is to investigate if different/new strategies are used when learning characters with mobile apps.

3. Researching into different communication styles in a peer mentoring scheme

This research investigates the impact of different communicative styles on learner engagement and building an online learning community. More specifically, it focuses on the relational work undertaken by two different student mentors operating as part of a support mechanism in the context of two online beginners’ language modules, framed in  relational work. Relational work, involving the constitution and understanding of social relations in language, has become an increasingly popular sub-field of interpersonal pragmatics.

4. The Chinese National Institute of Standardization research project (2015-2016)

Desktop research on requirements and standards for online and distance learning services (in collaboration with Professor TANG Jinlan, School of Online and Adult Education, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China).

5. The Institute of Online Education Foundation of Chinese Ministry of Education research project (2016)

Desktop research on university credit transfer (in collaboration with Dr LIU Yongquan, Beijing Open University, Beijing, China)




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